Quick Answer: What Is The Passing Score For Firefighter Exam?

Can you use a calculator on the firefighter exam?

Below is a sample of the Firefighter written test.

At the end of the test is the answer key.

Mathematics – Perform the computations indicated, and select the answer that most closely corresponds to your answer.

Calculators are not allowed at the test; so do not use them when taking this sample test..

What kind of math is on the firefighter exam?

WHAT IS THE TEST ABOUT? Part 1 of the test measures mathematics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ratios, square roots, and the use of decimals, fractions, and percentages. Part 1 also measures reading comprehension.

How many questions are on the FireTEAM test?

36 Questions36 Questions, 43 Minutes FireTEAM Animated Mechanical Aptitude Test is a multiple-choice mechanical aptitude test presented on video.

What’s on a firefighter exam?

The written test is made up of two parts. You must pass part one before part two is scored. Part one tests mathematics and reading comprehension, part two tests characteristics of your personality, related to your job to determine indications of success as a firefighter.

How do I become a firefighter in Philadelphia?

Become a firefighterA civil service examination. High scorers on the exam will be invited to the next phase.Department interviews, criminal investigations, background investigations, and a medical examination.A 24-week academic, practical, and physical training program at the Philadelphia Fire Academy.

What are the physical requirements to be a volunteer firefighter?

3. Get in good physical condition. Becoming a firefighter requires passing a physical ability test. The CPAT events are stair climb, hose drag, equipment carry, ladder raise and extension, forcible entry, search, rescue, ceiling breach and pull.

What is in the CPAT test?

The Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) consists of eight separate events. The CPAT is a sequence of physical events requiring you to progress along a predetermined path from event to event in a continuous manner. … The CPAT is a pass/fail test based on a maximum total time of 10 minutes and 20 seconds.

How do you become a firefighter in Jersey City?

APPLICANT REQUIREMENTSBe a U.S. citizen.Be a resident of Jersey City.Be 18-35 years of age (with exceptions)Have a high school diploma or G.E.D.Be highly motivated.Possess a valid NJ driver’s license.Pass a background investigation.

How long is Fireteam test good for?

Your written scores are good for one year after your test date. After one year, they will retire and not be visible to your department choices. Your scores must be active when a department job closes for you to be eligible for the job. You can retest after 3 months.

Is the NTN exam hard?

Is the Frontline NTN Exam Hard? The Frontline National exam is considered one of the more difficult police entry exams to pass because, in addition to traditional reading comprehension, candidates will be required to pass two video-based scenario tests. Few applicants have any experience with these types of tests.

How do I pass a firefighter oral interview?

Video tape / record yourself doing panel interviews.Become self-aware of your bad habits and STOP THEM!Practice your panel interview skills.Show some passion and enthusiasm for the job!Have your opening memorized: 3-4 minutes only.Have your closing memorized 15 seconds – 1 minute only.More items…

Is 34 too old to become a firefighter?

Meet basic requirements to become a firefighter For those younger than 18, you can look into limited involvement as a junior firefighter. There also will likely be a maximum age, usually between 28 and 35 years old, depending on the department you’re applying to.

How many pushups should a firefighter be able to do?

They found that firefighters who were able to perform at least 40 push-ups at that cadence had a 96-percent lower chance of developing heart disease over 10 years compared to those who could only complete 10 or less.

Is it hard to become a volunteer firefighter?

Becoming a volunteer firefighter requires extensive training, hard work and dedication to the community. … You must also be in good physical condition if you are thinking of volunteering at your local fire department. Volunteer firefighters must perform some of the same tasks as their career firefighter counterparts.