Quick Answer: What Is Meaning Of Seeking?

What should you seek in life?

to have some clarity of mind;to feel each day more nearer to my inner self, be centered;to know myself;to have a greater level of spiritual joy that raises me above our human burdens;to live with intention and purpose;to be in the ocean of love and wisdom;More items….

What phrase means to look out for?

DEFINITIONS2. (look out for someone/something) to look carefully at people or things around you in order to try to find a particular person or thing. We were told to look out for a blue van. Synonyms and related words. –

What you are seeking is seeking you quote?

“What you seek is seeking you.” Rumi said that. The things you desire are seeking you in the same way you are seeking them. That’s why they appear in your imagination.

Is seeked correct?

seeked, sought The verb seek means to try to find or get something. Seek is an irregular verb; sought is the past and the past participle form of seek. Seeked is incorrect.

Why should I seek I am the same as he?

I am the same as he. His essence speaks through me. I have been looking for myself.”

What is the meaning of looking for?

Noun. 1. looking for – the act of searching visually. looking. search, hunting, hunt – the activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something or someone.

How do you use sought in a sentence?

Sought sentence examplesShe eagerly slid into his embrace and welcomed the warm lips that sought hers. … Starting to panic, Deidre sought some escape route. … He sought you out? … Some had escaped, though not with the treasure they sought to protect. … Her eyes sought out a familiar form and found him.More items…

Where do I find meaning in life?

How To Find Meaning in Life: 9 Simple WaysLearn the Lesson on Happiness. Yes, I know, you’ve heard it before: happiness is a choice. … Follow Your Gifts and Talents. … Make Great Connections. … Goal Setting. … Help Others. … Do Something Different. … Quit Watching TV. … Do Something You’ve Always Wanted To Do.More items…•

What you seek is seeking you movie?

When the first poster of Shah Rukh Khan’s Jab Harry Met Sejal came out, one thing that caught our eye was the tagline attached – ‘What you seek is seeking you!’ – which is a famous Rumi quote!

What is Rumi famous for?

Rumi has been described as the “most popular poet” and the “best selling poet” in the United States. Rumi’s works are written mostly in Persian, but occasionally he also used Turkish, Arabic, and Greek in his verse.

What is the meaning of seeking admission?

The correct preposition for “admission” meaning to enter into, is “to”. An example is “He was admitted to hospital”. … For “admission” meaning issuing a statement, albeit reluctantly, or confessing, the correct preposition is “of” – e.g.”He made an admission of (what?) guilt”.

What is the opposite word of sick?

Antonym of SickWordAntonymSickHealthyGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What you are looking for is where you are looking from?

Quote by St. Francis of Assisi: “What we are looking for is what is looking.”

What means Endeavour?

The endeavour itself is the thing you’re striving for, the enterprise or undertaking. It’s a primarily British spelling of the word. The Middle English root of endeavour means to “put oneself in” or “do one’s utmost,” so if you endeavour to do something, you do it with earnestness and a fair amount of effort.

What does sought mean in English?

past tense and past participle of seek. transitive verb. 1 : to resort to : go to. 2a : to go in search of : look for. b : to try to discover.

What is the present tense of sought?

verb. simple past tense and past participle of seek.

What is the phrasal verb of look for?

Look for = to search / to try to find (transitive) When a person is searching for or trying to find someone or something. You often look for something when you have lost it or need it. A synonyms is to search. This phrasal verb is frequently used in a progressive tense.

What you seek is seeking you meaning?

That’s your life purpose.” In other words, living by the principle of “what you seek is seeking you” is about listening to your intuition, pursuing your dreams, creating your ideal reality, and knowing that the things that call to you are calling you for a reason. They are part of your purposeful path in this lifetime.

What is another word for seeking?

What is another word for seek?pursuechaselook upquest afterseek outbob fordelve fordig forgo gunning forgun for23 more rows

What is a word for seeking revenge?

Synonyms: retaliation Types: payback, retribution, vengeance. the act of taking revenge (harming someone in retaliation for something harmful that they have done) especially in the next life. reprisal.