Quick Answer: What If I Recharge My Airtel Twice?

Is Jio Double Dhamaka offer still on?

249/- or Rs.

349/- prepaid plans offered by Jio, on the eligible device, within the offer period.

The cashback vouchers, if unused, will expire by 31st May, 2022.

Double Data Benefit – You will get the applicable Double Data voucher every time you perform a recharge of Rs..

Can I recharge Jio 444 plan twice?

This means customers can buy multiple recharge packs at their existing cost before the revision. … Jio has said that the customers can buy four recharges of the Rs 444 All-In-One plan, which will amount to a total of Rs 1,776 and 336 days of validity.

How long does Airtel double data last?

The data bonus offer from Airtel is valid for 6 months. The monthly subscription will end 30 days as data validity period but the double data offer will be available to users for.

How can I get my money back from wrong recharge?

What to do if I have recharged a wrong number? For these cases, you should reach out to the telecom operator along with ‘operator reference number’ (ORN) and request them to reverse the amount. Paytm prides itself on its speedy and convenient recharge platform.

How can I stop my last recharge on Airtel?

Request Cancellations Enter a cancellation reason, and then click Submit. Click the Orders tab, and then click Purchase Orders in the task bar below the tabs. Search for and select a purchase order, and then click Request Cancellation.

What happens if we recharge before expiry date?

Jio has asked users to take full benefits of its old recharge plans by stocking up on Jio recharges before prices jump up by up to 40% from December 6. If you recharge now, the plan will get activated only after the validity of your current plan expires.

Can Jio do 2 recharge?

“Jio Instant Cashback & Double Data Offer” entitles a customer for: … 50 each will be credited in MyJio app which can be redeemed, one at a time per recharge, against subsequent recharges of Jio prepaid plan of Rs. 249/- or Rs.

What happens if we recharge before expiry date Airtel?

If the customer is on an Rs 448 unlimited pack and buys a new Rs 399 plan just two days ahead of the expiry of the current plan, then the Rs 399 plan will automatically be queued and it will be activated after the two days. The queue up feature works but only when the user is on an unlimited combo plan of Airtel.

How do I double my recharge on Airtel?

What is Airtel SmartRecharge bonus offer? Airtel smart RECHARGE bundles gives you at least 10 times the value of your airtime when you recharge your line using the special recharge code – *220*PIN#. With smart RECHARGE you get great value for both calls and data in one single convenient recharge.

Can we undo recharge?

If you’ve recharged an existing telephone number, unfortunately we can’t return the money, as we are not authorized to remove money from a customer account without the consent of the account owner. The only possibility to recover your money is to come to an agreement with the owner of the recharged number.

What happens if you recharge twice?

No your money won’t be wasted if you recharge Jio twice. The second recharge will get queued. You can view it in the ‘My Plans’ section in the MyJio App. The second plan will get automatically activated once the existing plan expires.

Can I reverse my Airtel recharge?

Reverse wrong mobile recharge for Airtel: For Airtel prepaid numbers if you want to reverse your wrong recharge just send sms or contact Airtel customer service at airtelpresence@in.airtel.com or airtel nodal office nearby you.

Can Jio Recharge be Cancelled?

If you have recharged your mobile number yourself i.e. using Paytm, Myjio app etc then you recharge can’t be reversed but if you have recharged your number through jio retailer then you can ask the retailer about the refund process.