Quick Answer: What Cocktails Go With Pizza?

What kind of beer goes with pizza?

Go with a solid, resinous, West Coast-style IPA.

Choose one with enough malt characteristic to stand up to the crust and veggies, but with enough hoppy bitterness to cut through the grease and not get lost behind all the ingredients.

Beer recs: Night Shift Brewing, Santilli; Wormtown, Be Hoppy; Fiddlehead Brewing, IPA..

What drink goes good with shrimp?

3 Wines to Pair with Grilled ShrimpGrilled shrimp loves almost all manner of whites and roses, but by pairing the wine with the accompanying sauce, you can really make a great match.Sauvignon Blanc with herby flavors. … Off-dry whites with spicy or tropical flavors. … Related: Fast and Healthy Shrimp Recipes.Rosé with roasty, savory or pungent flavors.More items…•

Does prosecco go with pizza?

TOMATO-BASED: Simple tomato sauce pizzas like marinara or Margherita tend to go well with dry rosé wines and light reds. WHITE PIZZA: Pizza bianca, or “white pizza,” pairs well with white wines like Pinot Grigio, Falanghina, and even Prosecco.

Does Rose go with pizza?

With its aromatic notes of fresh basil and the use of other lightly flavored fresh ingredients (tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella), a rosé is the perfect Margherita pizza wine pairing. … Still, with something lightly flavored like a Margherita Pizza, stick to lighter reds as a starting point.

What soda goes best with pizza?

The Best Sodas to Pair with PizzaCoca-Cola. Peanut butter and jelly. … Sprite. Sprite and similar brands of lemon-lime soda are prized pizza partners for their refreshing qualities. … Ginger Ale. Some find cola and other common soft drinks to be a bit too sweet to pair with a savory slice of pizza. … Orange soda. … Don’t feel like soda?

What alcohol goes good with fish?

Liquor & Seafood PairingsWhiskey. Your grilled salmon is begging for a glass of rye whiskey! … Bourbon. The high proof of bourbon needs to accompany a dish with big, bold flavors. … Gin. One of the more untraditional liquor pairings, but trust us, this gin and smoked fish dip combo is a match made in heaven. … Rum. … Vodka. … Experiment for Yourself.

What red wine is good with pizza?

A pizza that is chock-full of hamburger, sausage, pepperoni and more deserves a wine with some heft. So go for heartier red wines like a Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, or Merlot to handle the meat mega dose.

What appetizer goes with pizza?

Pizza Appetizer Recipes to Make at HomeRoasted Lemony Asparagus. The hint of citrus can be the perfect complement to a pizza dinner. Pizza can sometimes be the heavy component, with its robust character of thick crust and sauce, cheese and topping-filled body. … Cranberry Caramelized Brussels Sprouts.

What is a good side dish for pizza?

The Best Sides That Turn Frozen Pizzas into DinnerJersey Salad. … Every Pizza Place Salad. … Oven-Roasted Frozen Broccoli. … Chilled Zucchini Noodle Salad. … Marinated Feta-Beet Salad. … Tomato and Feta White Bean Salad. … Two-Minute Creamy Salad Dressing. … Simple Arugula Salad.More items…•

What wine tastes good with pizza?

Most Italian-style wines like Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Nero d’Avola, Fiano and Vermentino are all going to be good options with pizza.”

What non alcoholic drink goes with seafood?

Seafood: Lemonade If you like squeezing fresh lemon juice over your fish, you’ll enjoy this fish and lemonade combo. The acidity from the lemon juice cuts through rich, fatty fish and prevents seafood dishes from feeling too heavy. But, if lemonade isn’t your fave, opt for another citrus juice instead.

What alcohol do you drink with pizza?

Favorite pizza cocktail: White rum daiquiri—simple and refreshing. Favorite pizza cocktail: Fernet and Coke—a simple San Francisco classic.

Is white or red wine better with pizza?

While fuller-bodied white wines, and even Champagne or sparkling wine, can be delicious with the right pizza, in general you are looking at a red wine. Pizza, regardless of topping, is always fairly earthy and substantial fare that prefers red over white.

Does champagne go with pizza?

1) Champagne. Ultimately, if we look to tradition, we find that chilled sparkling wine works well with pizza. The bright acidity of classic champagne makes it a great match for the acidity naturally found in tomatoes and mozzarella. With a little more body, Rosé Champagne can work particularly well.

What drinks go well with pizza?

Here are five non-alcoholic drinks (other than water) that will round out your next meal of pizza:Soda. It’s the signature pizza party beverage — and for good reason. … Sparkling Water. … Milk. … Lemonade. … Iced Tea.

What goes better with pizza beer or wine?

We’re a wine website so we’re going to lean towards wine as the better pairing for pizza than beer. However, both certainly have their positives. You’re just as likely to enjoy a slice with an ice-cold beer as you are to enjoy one with an interesting glass of Italian red wine.

What cocktails go well with seafood?

Libations with Lobster: The Best Drinks to Serve with Fresh…A Classic Bloody Mary with Shrimp.A Lime Margarita with Fish Tacos.Gin and Tonic with Oysters.A Lavandula with Scallops.Bourbon with Blackened Mahi.

Why is pizza and beer so good?

Pizza and beer are such a great combination because they can enhance or contrast their flavors with each other. While the idea of pairing other kinds of alcohol with other kinds of food is nothing new (white wines with fish, red wines with steak, and so on) pairing beers and pizza is a relatively new idea.