Quick Answer: Can You Communicate With Bixby?

Can you have a conversation with Bixby?

Samsung this morning showed of a new version of its Bixby voice assistant, which is now more conversational and is able to continue your conversation when you ask a follow-up question.

Even if you don’t have those apps installed, Bixby will be able to use them for results, the company said..

What commands can Bixby do?

Here are some helpful commands for Bixby voice:”Change the camera mode to [mode name]””Take a picture””Take a selfie””Set the timer for the rear camera to 10 seconds””Apply an effect”

How do I activate Bixby voice command?

How to activate Bixby Voice?1 Press and hold Bixby key. Bixby Voice will launch and start listening. … 2 While in Bixby Voice mode, press Bixby Voice button to start/continue the conversation. … 3 When you set voice wake-up, you can say “Hi Bixby” at any time to start a conversation.

How do I speak to Bixby?

Bixby Voice requires simplified view….Bixby VoicePress and hold the Bixby button on the side of the device while speaking commands. … From Bixby Voice popup, review the prompt then tap Full screen as needed.From Bixby Voice screen, review or search available commands then tap the Bixby icon to begin listening.

Is Bixby dangerous?

So, Why Is it Bad? The thing with Bixby is that it’s not really horrible—it’s just unnecessary. Anything Bixby can do, Assistant can do better. Bixby Vision was arguably its most useful feature, but with the rise of Google Lens, even that isn’t so useful anymore.

Is Bixby like Siri?

Bixby Voice is like Siri on steroids — in fact, it can rap insults at Siri in Korean. Not only that, but it’s built to adapt to a person’s manner of speaking — rather than the other way around.

Can Bixby take pictures?

“Hi, Bixby, take a photo,” works, too. Bixby will take a photo using whatever camera you have enabled for this command. You can also change the camera settings to whatever you need. For example, after the camera opens say, “Take a panoramic photo,” or “Zoom in 50 percent.”

Is Bixby good for anything?

The sheer variety and the simplicity of the UI make it an incredibly useful feature that anyone with a Samsung phone should try. If you already use apps like Tasker, this could be a great alternative. The same goes for Bixby Quick Commands.

Do I have to say hi Bixby every time?

Bixby 2.0:you can talk to Galaxy continuously, instead of saying it every time: Hi Bixby! Currently, the users ask any query by invoking the Bixby first but with the coming version, you won’t need to call its name everytime you’re asking it something.

Can Bixby read my text messages?

Also, Samsung says Bixby can now read aloud your latest SMS messages and emails — if you use its stock apps on the Galaxy S8. … Samsung says that deep learning should allow Bixby to improve over time as it begins to recognize users’ preferences and ways of speaking.

Is Bixby better than Google?

Google Assistant may be bigger and better than Samsung Bixby, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing Google could learn from it. Bixby isn’t all bad. … There are a few valuable lessons and features that bigger, better AIs like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa could stand to learn from the little button that can’t.