Question: Where Can I Study In NYC?

Where can I study at night in NYC?

Molasses Books.

3.8 mi.

53 reviews.

$ Bookstores, Bars, Coffee & Tea.

Park Slope Desk.

2.8 mi.

1 review.

Shared Office Spaces.

Five & Dime.

0.8 mi.

86 reviews.

Elmer Holmes Bobst Library.

1.7 mi.

54 reviews.


5.8 mi.

496 reviews.

Moon Cafe.

9.5 mi.

150 reviews.

Butler Library.

7.2 mi.

7 reviews.

Bushwick Public House.

3.7 mi.

63 reviews.More items….

Where can I study in Manhattan?

NY Study Room. 1.0 mi. 27 reviews. Libraries. … Atrium. 0.3 mi. Local Flavor. … New York Public Library. 0.5 mi. 904 reviews. … Lloyd Sealy Library. 0.9 mi. 1 review. … Park Avenue Plaza Public Space. 0.3 mi. 6 reviews. … Paper Coffee. 1.1 mi. 96 reviews. … About Coffee. 1.6 mi. 34 reviews. … New York Public Library. 0.1 mi. 41 reviews.More items…

Can I work in New York?

Working in New York To work in New York you will need a work visa or a Green Card. These can only be issued by the authorities (US embassy or consulate) before you travel to the United States. … This means that when you apply for a job in the US, the company will need to support your visa application.

Where can I write in NYC?

A Writer’s Dream: Top 5 Places to Write in NYCAce Hotel. Far from being a “secret spot” the Ace Hotel’s lobby is still a wonderful place to practice your typemanship. … Rose room – Public Library. … Madison square park. … McNally Jackson bookstore. … Wix*

How can I meet celebrities in NYC?

12 Hot Spots For Celebrity Sightings In New York By Correspondent Katie LaraRockefeller Center. … Rao’s. … The Mark. … The Polo Bar. … The Spotted Pig. … Madison Square Garden. … Broadway. … Rainbow Room.More items…•

How do I open a coffee shop in NYC?

Starting Your Coffee Shop in New York: 5 Steps To Do NowResearch.Develop Your Coffee Shop Concept.Plan Your Coffee Shop Budget.Write Your Coffee Shop Business Plan.Create an Action Plan.

What can I study in New York?

What to study in New York CityAgriculture, Food & Animal Sciences.Applied Sciences & Mathematics.Architecture, Construction and Planning.Business & Management Studies.Communications & Media.Computer Science & IT.Creative Arts & Design.Education & Training.More items…

Where can I get work done in NYC?

8 Best Remote Working Spots in New York CityBrooklyn Bridge Park. 334 Furman St., Brooklyn.The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1000 Fifth Ave. … Chelsea Market. 75 9th Ave., New York.TEEM. 1463 Fifth Ave., New York.Library at NoMad Hotel. 1170 Broadway & 28th St., New York.David Rubenstein Atrium Public Space at Lincoln Center. … Rough Draft. … The Roost Coffee Co.

Can I study at the NYPL?

People are very respectful of the “No Talking” rules and go there to get work done, so it can provide the perfect study atmospheres in one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. … If you aren’t a student, you can still walk through all of the reading rooms and appreciate the.

Where can I work for free in NYC?

5 free places to work in New York City that might be better than coworkingWix Lounge. Location: 235 W 23rd Street. Subway: 1 or 2 at 23rd Street. … Ace Hotel. Location: 20 W 29th Street. Subway: N, R at 28th Street. … Caffebene. Location: 816 Broadway. … Intelligentsia Coffee at the High Line Hotel. Location: 180 10th Avenue.