Question: What’S The Meaning Of Behind?

What is a part of speech mean?

English Language Learners Definition of part of speech : a class of words (such as adjectives, adverbs, nouns, verbs, etc.) that are identified according to the kinds of ideas they express and the way they work in a sentence.

part of speech.


plural parts of speech..

How can I use behind in a sentence?

Behind sentence examplesThe boy got up at once, and sat behind the king. … He peered behind her. … I took the shortest way through the little park behind the palace. … But the brightest summer has winter behind it. … With that behind her, she turned to another subject – one equally disturbing. … They heard the sound of voices behind them.More items…

What is the difference between after and behind?

As adverbs the difference between after and behind is that after is behind; later in time; following while behind is at the back part; in the rear.

Where do we use below and under?

The words “under,” “below,” “beneath” and “underneath” can all mean “in a lower place or position and sometimes covered by something else.” “Under” is the most used of the three in everyday speech when talking about a lower physical position, like this: We sat under the stars and listened to the night sounds.

What is the opposite word of behind?

Antonym of BehindWordAntonymBehindIn Front OfGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is over in grammar?

over as ‘more than’ ‘Over’ is used as a preposition to mean ‘more than’:

What is the meaning of the behind?

1a : in the place or situation that is being or has been departed from stay behind. b : in, to, or toward the back look behind came from behind. c : later in time can spring be far behind. 2a : in a secondary or inferior position. b : in arrears behind in the rent.

What are the two meanings of back?

Noun. back (FARTHEST PART) back (BODY PART)

Is behind an adjective?

adjective. following: the man behind.

What does NEAR mean?

The preposition near (to) means ‘not far away in distance’. … It means ‘the closest in distance or time’: …

What is an example of a preposition?

Simple prepositions are words like at, for, in, off, on, over, and under. These common prepositions can be used to describe a location, time or place. Some examples of common prepositions used in sentences are: He sat on the chair.

What does when mean?

(Entry 1 of 4) 1 : at what time when will you return. 2a : at or during which time. b : and then.

What kind of word is behind?

Behind can be used in the following ways: as a preposition (followed by a noun): The car behind us was flashing its lights. as an adverb (without a following noun): I stayed behind to look after the children.

What part of speech is night?

The word ‘night’ functions as a noun and an adjective. As a noun, the word ‘night’ refers to the time between sundown and sunrise.

What is another name for back?

What is another word for back?rearhindrearwardtailaftbehindposterioraftercaudalfinal50 more rows