Question: What Is The Best Time To Visit Moscow And St Petersburg?

What is the best time to visit Moscow?

The best time to visit Moscow is April and May, when the temperature creeps into the 50s and 60s, the sun begins to shine for significant portions of the day, and hotel rates have yet to skyrocket into peak ranges.

Of course, the golden period is summer, when the city is warm and bustling..

How many days is enough in St Petersburg?

Three daysHow Many Days Should I Spend in St Petersburg? Three days is a must, as there is so much to do and see. It’s best to gauge your stay on how much time it will take to do all the main sites. A 4 Day itinerary will allow you to complete a day trip to Catherine’s Palace or The Peterhof Grand Palace.

What is the coldest month in Russia?

JanuaryQuick Climate InfoHottest MonthJuly (68 °F avg)Coldest MonthJanuary (18 °F avg)Wettest MonthAugust (3.58″ avg)Windiest MonthDecember (3 mph avg)1 more row

What clothes to wear in Moscow?

Dress modestly but with great attention to detail as a well dressed appearance is always appreciated. You can wear dark denim jeans, a sweater, jewelry, a nice bag, and boots. Please remember to always take off your shoes when in someone’s house.

How many days in Moscow is enough?

three daysWe recommend that you spend at least two or three days in Moscow – just enough to see the most famous sights of the city.

Is Russia a cheap place to visit?

However, after the strong devaluation of the ruble, traveling to Russia has become quite affordable for foreign tourists. If you compare the prices of big capitals like New York, London, Paris or Sydney, in Moscow the prices are much more affordable.

How long is train ride from St Petersburg to Moscow?

4 hoursIt is a daily train; the trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg takes 4 hours.

Is St Petersburg expensive to visit?

St Petersburg is relatively cheaper than Moscow, with prices on a similar level to most major European cities when it comes to sightseeing, nightlife and eating out. On average, travellers tend to spend around $18 on food per day. The average price for a couple staying in a hotel is around $79.

How long do you need in St Petersburg?

The typical visitor spends 2-3 hours in the Hermitage. That seems to satisfy their curiosity but a real exploration of it would take much longer, say, 10 years.

How many days do you need for Moscow and St Petersburg?

If you have 2-4 days… If you only have a weekend (around 2 to 4 days), I recommend to visit only one of the two main cities, either Moscow or St. Petersburg. There will be time to visit the other capital on a future trip, since you will lose a lot of time going from one destination to another.

How much is a train from Moscow to St Petersburg?

The train ticket price range for those trains is from €20 (for a bed in a 3rd class common carriage) to about €40 (for a bed in a 2nd class 4-berth sleeper) or €90 for the 1st class (2-berth sleeper). They usually leave Moscow at about 23.00-2.00 and arrive to St Petersburg the next day at about 8.00-10.00.

Is English spoken in St Petersburg Russia?

Russian is the official language of St. … Petersburg, but English is widely spoken. The Russian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet, but many signs in tourist areas feature both Russian and English.

Is travel to Russia expensive?

So, a trip to Russia for two people for one week costs on average ₽48,842 ($663). All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget. Put these numbers on your website. A vacation to Russia for one week usually costs around ₽24,421 for one person.

What is the best month to go to Russia?

summerThe best time to visit Russia is during their summer, between June and August. Evenings are long and light, while temperatures are a balmy 68°F-77°F.

Is Moscow or St Petersburg better?

As you can see, Moscow and Saint Petersburg are really two very different cities. Even people from both cities are different (people in St. Petersburg are friendlier). … It’s a bit cheaper than Moscow (especially the restaurants) and it’s the best place to see a ballet in Russia.

What should you not do in Russia?

11 Things Tourists Should Never Do While Visiting RussiaDon’t wear your shoes inside.Don’t whistle indoors.Don’t leave empty bottles on the table.Don’t smile all the time.Don’t sit by the corner of the table.Don’t shake hands with gloves on.Don’t shake hands over a threshold.Always take part in toasts.More items…

What should you not miss in Moscow?

18 Best Things Not To Miss in Moscow, RussiaRed Square.Kremlin.Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.Zaryadye Park.Bolshoi theatre.Gorky Park.Sparrow Hills and MSU.Moscow metro.More items…•

What airlines fly to Moscow?

Other airlines flying to MoscowAir France flightsJapan Airlines flightsDelta flightsAustrian Airlines flightsEmirates flightsSingapore Airlines flightsChina Eastern flightsIberia flightsAlitalia flightsEtihad Airways flights8 more rows