Question: What Degree Does A CPS Worker Need?

How long does it take for a bachelor’s degree?

four yearsA bachelor’s degree is a four-year undergraduate degree.

Historically, the term “college degree” meant a bachelor’s or traditional four-year degree.

It typically takes four years of full-time study to complete your bachelor’s degree—encompassing 120 semester credits or around 40 college courses..

What degree do you need to be a CPS worker?

Entry level Child Protective Services Specialist can have one of the following: A Bachelor’s degree OR an Associate’s degree plus 2 years of relevant work experience. 60 college credit hours plus 2 years of relevant work experience. 90 college credit hours plus 1 year of relevant work experience.

How do you become a CPS?

Steps to Becoming a Child Protective Services WorkerStep 1: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree. A bachelor’s degree is a common requirement to become a CPS worker. … Step 2: Gain Employment in a Child Protective Services Agency. … Step 3: Consider an Advanced Degree. … Step 4: Complete Continuing Education and Leadership Training.

What major Does CPS fall under?

Child protective services, or CPS, workers are social workers who specialize in helping abused and/or neglected children and their families. Most CPS workers have at least a bachelor’s degree in social work or a closely related field, like counseling or psychology, but many also have master’s degrees.

How much do CPS workers get paid?

The starting salary range is $3816.65 to $4094.50 per month and is based on your experience and qualifications. In addition to salary, CPS investigators are paid a $416 monthly stipend. You will start getting this extra pay the first of the month after 120 days on the job.

How do I become a DCFS caseworker?

CPS caseworkers have at least a bachelor’s degree, often in social work or psychology, and sometimes a master’s degree in social work. Requirements vary from state to state. Licensing: Some CPS agencies hire licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) as caseworkers.