How Much Do Bus Drivers Earn UK?

How much do bus drivers earn in London?

The average London salary is £41,500 a year.

The average hourly bus driver rate has been calculated as £10.18 an hour compared with the London Living Wage of £9.15 an hour, which Boris Johnson endorses as the minimum required for a decent standard of living in the high cost capital..

Is being a bus driver a good job UK?

From being a relatively well-paid job, bus drivers have fallen down the table and might have financial problems especially when they are at the beginning of their career and have not gained a higher remuneration because of their experience.

How much do train drivers earn UK?

How much do train drivers earn? Salaries for train drivers are dependent on which company they work for and experience. The average base pay for a driver in the UK is £54,184 per year, according to Glassdoor. But the pay can range from £44,000 up to £65,000.

How many hours do bus drivers work UK?

Currently, British laws limit bus drivers’ hours on local routes of less than 50 km to 10 hours of driving a day, with no weekly or fortnightly limit, except that in any two consecutive weeks there must be at least one period of 24 hours off duty.