Does Health Card Work As ID?

Can health card be used as ID at LCBO?

To make sure they don’t break the laws set out, they have just made it company policy to not accept Ontario health cards as a form of identification.

They aren’t dumb, they are being smart and proactive and protecting you and themselves.

You can use it for valid photo ID at the Beerstore and LCBO..

What can you use as ID?

Birth certificate.Social Security card.State-issued driver’s license/ID card.Requirement to carry identification.REAL ID Act.Passport and passport card.Department of Defense Identification Card.Other identity documents.More items…

Can you drink in Canada at 19 with a US ID?

Only in Quebec, Alberta and Manitoba, where the drinking age is 18. (Be prepared to show ID – your passport or driver’s licence will do.) Everywhere else in Canada, the drinking age is 19. Citizenship has nothing to do with legal permission to drink in Canada, only age.

What can be used as ID in Canada?

Here are some examples of valid Canadian government-issued identification documents:passport.citizenship card.Canadian permanent resident card.Canadian provincial or territorial driver’s licence.Canadian provincial or territorial health card.Canadian provincial or territorial government identification cards.More items…•

Can health card be used as ID?

While you are free to show your health card to organizations outside of the health care system, organizations not directly involved in the delivery of provincially funded health care are not permitted to make note of, record, collect, or use a health number for identification purposes.

Why can’t you use your Ontario Health Card as ID?

Originally Answered: Why is my Ontario Health Card not valid ID? Because it’s a health card, not a form of ID. It only shows that person x has health coverage, it doesn’t verify who person x is. It’s no better of a verification of who you are than a business card with your picture on it.