Does Dollar General Employees Get Health Insurance?

Does Dollartree offer health insurance?

Dollar Tree Health Insurance.

Medical, vision, life, and short- and long-term disability insurance are available to eligible Dollar Tree employees.

Prescription plans and Health & Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts are also offered..

What is the dress code for Dollar General?

5 answers. Supposed to be black shirt and black pants, but if you notice that’s by far what they wear anymore.

Can family work together at Dollar General?

Policy states that close relatives can’t even work in the same district. They can not have the same manager which includes District Manager. Not at the same store. You can’t work with relatives.

Can you have colored hair at Dollar General?

Yes you can have colored hair. … Yes Dollar General allows you have colored hair.

Does Dollar General give you a uniform?

Your on your own, no company provided uniforms.

Do you get paid weekly at Dollar General?

Does Dollar General Pay Weekly Or Every two Weeks How does That work? They pay weekly. Weekly pay and its direct deposited onto a checking account or prepaid card.

What is the starting pay at Dollar General?

$9.66 an hourDollar General Corporation pays its employees an average of $9.66 an hour. Hourly pay at Dollar General Corporation ranges from an average of $7.82 to $13.28 an hour.

How much does Dollar Tree pay their employees?

Salary satisfaction Average Dollar Tree hourly pay ranges from approximately $7.84 per hour for Store Clerk to $15.95 per hour for Administrative Assistant. The average Dollar Tree salary ranges from approximately $16,000 per year for Sales Representative to $71,462 per year for District Manager.

What are Dollar Tree paid holidays?

5 answersThe only paid holidays that Dollar Tree had was Christmas. Answered September 17, 2018 – Store Manger (Former Employee) – Union City, GA.Paid holidays at dollar tree are 8.00 An hour. … 4th of july, thanksgiving, and christmas. … We only get off for Christmas 🙁 … None unless upper management.

Is Dollar Tree a good place to work?

Overall, I really enjoy working at Dollar Tree. The managers and employees are all very friendly and easy to work with. It’s a part time job so it’s very easy to work around my school schedule. However, I only get paid minimum wage, the shift is typically four to five hours, and I’m lucky if I get 20 hours a week.

What benefits do Dollar General employees get?

BenefitsHealth Insurance Coverage Options (Medical/Rx, Telemedicine, Dental/Vision) Available to All Employees.Flexible Spending Accounts.Short-Term and Long-Term Disability.Life Insurance Options.Supplemental Medical Coverage (Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Hospital Confinement)LifeLock Identity Theft Protection.More items…

How much does it cost to give employees health insurance?

In 2017, the average cost of insurance per employee for family coverage was $18,764 with workers on average paying $5,714 towards the cost of their coverage. In 2018 that number rose to $19,616, a 5% increase. In 2018, workers paid 18% of the cost for single employee and 29% for family coverage (source).

How many hours is full time at Dollar General?

Dollar General is wierd about their hours. They claim that anything under 25 hours is considered part time. On average a Full time Sales Associate typically works between 25 to 40 hours a week.

How many hours a week does a dollar general manager work?

Dollar General managers usually work full-time, or four to five eight-hour shifts per week. The average annual salary package for managers is between $30k and $40k. Pay rates generally increase with experience and time spent with the company.

Do Dollar General employees get discounts?

Yes, dg employees get 20% on dollar general products every week! … You can add your employee ID to your digital coupon account. You’ll receive a 20% off store brands coupon and occasionally other exclusive coupons. They can only be used once however.

What is the best health insurance for a small business?

Read on for our picks of the best health insurance providers for small business owners.Best for Online Care: UnitedHealthCare. Get a Quote. … Best for Tax Savings: Humana. Get a Quote. … Best for a Large Provider Network: Blue Cross Blue Shield. … Best for Health Savings Plans: Aetna. … Best for Managed Care: Kaiser Permanente.