Can You Track Macbook With Serial Number?

Which MacBook do I have by serial number?

Find the serial number printed on the underside of your Mac, near the regulatory markings.

It’s also on the original packaging, next to a barcode label.

You can then enter that serial number on the Check Coverage page to find your model..

What do thieves do with stolen Macbooks?

Immediately sold to the highest bidder Once your laptop gets stolen, thieves will want to get rid of it as quick as possible. They might sell it right out on the street to anybody willing to pay—money and the risk—for a suspiciously cheap laptop.

How do I find the year of my MacBook serial number?

On your MacBook, go to the Apple menu (upper-left corner) > About this Mac. In the window that pops up, you’ll see a serial number. Highlight it and copy it. Head to Apple’s Check Coverage page and paste the serial number.

Can the police track my stolen MacBook?

Find My Mac is the only Apple service that can help track or locate a lost Mac. … Report your lost or stolen Mac to local law enforcement. They might request the serial number of your computer. You can find this information on the original box or receipt you received when you purchased your Mac.

Did I buy a stolen MacBook?

If you buy what you know or come to know is a stolen Macbook Pro then that item is still the property of the owner and should be returned to that person. … If you only suspect that the computer is stolen then you could hand it in as lost property to the local police.

How do I wipe a stolen MacBook?

Remotely erase a deviceIn the Find My app on your Mac, click Devices.In the Devices list, select the device you want to erase, then click the Info button on the map.Click Erase This Device.Click Erase This [device], then do one of the following:More items…

How do I report a stolen MacBook?

Report a lost or stolen Apple product – – “If you have lost or found an Apple product, please contact your local law enforcement agency to report it.” (Wording from an older version but it still says pretty much the same.) You are most welcome.

How many MacBook models are there?

Apple offers six standard configuration laptops: four 13-inch models, and two 16-inch versions. Each model is available is Silver or Space Gray. What are the prices for the MacBook Pro? The 13-inch models go for $1,299, $1,499, $1,799, and $1,999.

How can I check if a MacBook is stolen?

How to Check if a MacBook or MacBook Pro is StolenAsk for a Serial Number – This is one of the easiest ways to find out if you are dealing with a rotten Apple. … Check Apple Care Eligibility – Once you have the serial number you can check to see if the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is eligible for warranty coverage.More items…•

Can stolen Apple products be tracked?

As noted, Apple has been using proximity software since 2016 that disables any demo devices from working outside of the Apple store, except for responding to the “Find my iPhone” geolocation service that can track a lost or stolen device. So the company has the ability to disable and track any stolen device.

What does Apple serial number tell you?

The Apple serial number is not just a string of digits and letters. It reveals a lot of useful information about your device, information you can’t obtain through any other means. The serial number shows the date and location of manufacture.

What does a serial number tell you?

A serial number is a unique identifier assigned incrementally or sequentially to an item, to uniquely identify it. Serial numbers need not be strictly numerical. They may contain letters and other typographical symbols, or may consist entirely of a character string.

What happens to a stolen MacBook?

Depends on the thief. It might be sold off as “second hand”, on places like eBay, and less scrupulous dealers. Or it might be used by the thief or given by the thief to friends or family.

Does Apple keep track of serial numbers?

A serial number identifies a specific device such as an iPhone. … However, your local law enforcement agencies may be able to use the serial number to confirm that a device has been stolen and then return it to you. Apple does offer tracking, but the service doesn’t rely on a device’s serial number.

Can a laptop be tracked by serial number?

No. You can not track your laptop using MAC address or Serial Number. You need a special software which will track it.

How do I find my MacBook serial number online?

If you signed into your Mac with an Apple ID account, the serial number is tied to your Apple ID account online. Head to the Apple ID account website and sign in with the Apple ID account you used on the Mac. Click the name of the Mac under “Devices” on the page that appears and you’ll see the Mac’s serial number.

Can Apple block a stolen MacBook Pro?

Question: Q: how can i block my stolen macbook pro If your Macbook was sync with iCloud, go to From there you can locate your Mac and block it. It’s only available if your Mac is connected to internet.

How do I wipe a locked MacBook Pro?

Use Recovery Mode to reset your password With your Mac turned off, press and hold the Command and R keys on your keyboard, then press the power button. Hold in Command+R until you see a progress bar show up below the Apple logo.